Jamile Cruz


When asked about my purpose in life: my answer is easy and ambitious: I want to change the world!

The next question is usually how, to which I say: by helping people and organizations on their journey toward understanding the profound impact of inclusive and inspired work environments, where people can be their whole selves and strong value creators.

I co-founded I&D 101 to help business leaders assess their organizations, clients, customers and markets, and to understand how an Inclusion & Diversity strategy combined with the right investments will drive more value creation and innovation.

I spent 18 years with clients designing projects, implementing new programs, transforming businesses in high performing organizations, creating & implementing strategies to reduce operational costs and achieving their business goals. All of it with great success, but now it is time to step up and share my knowledge and experiences in a more impactful way.

Together we can turn your organization into a place where the potential of individuals and teams is unlocked and everybody is inspired to participate and bring their best selves to the table.

Laura Methot


My career ambition has always been to improve the world of work. 
Along the way I’ve learned a lot about the power of motivation and why people do what they do. For over 25 years I’ve applied that knowledge to help leaders get better business results by focussing on behaviours and shaping supportive work environments. 
One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that most people want to do the right thing and leadership is often about clearing a path for them to shine. With this in mind, I co-founded I&D 101
Diversity brings new potential to the organization, but it takes a culture of inclusion for that potential to be realized.
Together we can strengthen leadership and shape cultures in ways that bring out the best in everyone. When leaders actively direct their energy toward creating enabling cultures and inspiring the whole workforce, they can unleash the collective power and achieve great things.