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EXPOSIBRAM - Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Sept 9-12 2019

Panel with Industry Leaders


    Policies on Gender Inclusion in Mining 

Sharing experiences and bringing attention to the challenges faced by women in government, academia and private sector when developing a career in the mining industry

Supplier Diversity Session


Canada Day event at Exposibram 

Session to help leaders to advance their understanding on how investing on Supplier Diversity programs can help with reducing costs, increasing innovation and their impact on local communities

Industry Engagement Workshop


How to engage leaders in your industry?

In this group exercise with mining industry leaders in Brazil, we asked for their help on further advancing the participation of women in the Brazilian mining industry


Culture of Inclusion


How to build a culture of inclusion? 

Working with companies to create the capabilities within their team to develop and implement an efficient Inclusion & Diversity strategy

Inclusive Leadership


Lunch & Learn with teams to discuss and develop inclusive leadership concepts, and define actions that can be applied in their daily interactions

I&D Strategies


Full-day workshop at the Mining Hub in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Engaging leaders, facilitating difficult conversations and building up an Action Plan to advance the participation of women in the Brazilian Mining industry


Inclusive Policies


In this PDAC 2019 session, we discussed key challenges faced by members of the mining industry. We led the group through an assessment of I&D strategies and the review of a framework for the development of an action plan to generate the commitment required towards changes in the Brazilian industry. 


Inclusion & Diversity Webinar


The Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce (BCCC) Webinar Series had I&D 101 in the first episode - Organizations with robust I&D practices outperform their peers on many fronts including better team collaboration, increased ability to capture new markets, and better financial and business performance. 


Natural Resources Canada & Gender


Energy and Mines Ministers' Conference 2019

Discussing the importance of organizational 

culture in addressing gender equality and diversity with federal and provincial leaders

I&D and High Performance Operations


High Performance Mining Conference at RWTH Aachen University - GERMANY

Connecting Innovation, High Performance and Inclusion with mining innovation leaders. Achieving high performance requires an understanding of key levers for productivity, including people engagement.

CIM Convention 2019


Canadian Institute of Mining Convention 2019 in Montreal.

We took participants trough a model of how to shape organizational culture to enhance mining operations by embracing Inclusion & Diversity.

Unconscious Bias


Firjan is an industry federation that promotes business competitiveness, education and the life quality of workers and society, contributing to the sustainable development of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

This workshop with industry leaders, their CSR Committee, discussed unconscious biases and effective ways of implementing I&D programs.

Career Development


The Mining Professional Immigrant Network, organized by Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR), helps new immigrants with the tools required to land a job in the Canadian Mining industry and by connecting professionals with supporting organizations and potential employers.


Beyond Gender: Intersectionality


MSCI panel during International Women’s Day 2019, reflecting on the progress made around gender diversity, as well as addressing intersectionality (racial, LGBTQ+, disabilities) in furthering efforts to bring diverse opinions and ideas to the table.

Are we inclusive of women in business?


Doing Business in Brazil 2017 and 2018 events in Toronto organized by the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce (BCCC).

This half-day seminar provides an overview of the current economic and business landscape for investors and business executives who are interested in bilateral business opportunities.

Overcoming the Barriers to Getting a Job in Canada


Overcoming the Barriers to Getting a Job in Canada was an event organized by CONCID (Conselho Brasileiro de Cidadania de Ontário).

One of CONCID's goals is to plan and implement projects in benefit of the local Brazilian community.



Halifax Black Film Festival 2019

Panel - Diversity in the Work Place

Diversity is much talked about in today’s business world. But how much of the conversation has translated into a truly diverse and inclusive work environment?

This dynamic and innovative panel talked about what’s working… and what’s not and how to move forward.

Casualty or Catalyst


Gender equality and the future of mining

 A workshop seeking to convene an inclusive, multi-stakeholder dialogue that inspires action at the intersection of gender-equality and the future of mining. 

Organized by the Canadian International Resources and Development Institute (CIRDI) at Carleton University in Ottawa.

CCBC D&I Committee


Câmera de Comércio Brasil-Canada (CCBC) in São Paulo, Brazil.

Lunch & Learn discussion with CCBC's Diversity Committee, where leaders from international organizations discussed the impact of investing in I&D and effective programs on the creation of a culture of inclusion.


Jornal de Toronto


Contributions in the Economy and Life sections of Jornal de Toronto - a Portuguese language publication in Canada.


Focus Portuguese


What is the advantage to have diversity & inclusion at the workplace? 

We had the opportunity to explain more about this topic in this interview conducted by Camila Garcia at Omni TV.


CCBC Newsletter


Brazil and Canada workplaces – reflections of our societies

Contribution to the Diversity editorial of the Canada-Brasil Chamber of Commerce (CCBC).


Brasil Mineral


Article in the Brasil Mineral magazine covering the kick-off of the Brazilian Action Plan development. A project focused on the advancement of women's participation in the Brazilian mining sector during PDAC 2019.


Podcast "Noites da CHIN - Brasil"


Radio interview conducted by José Francisco Schuster in his show "Noites da Chin - Brasil", where we discussed Inclusion and Diversity in the workplace. 

Podcast in Portuguese


In the Mine


Article covering the development of the Brazilian Action Plan for advancement of women in Mining.

IN THE MINE is a publication of Publisher Fact directed to the mining industry and households.